Or should I bark, "What's On YOUR Stamp Table?" like they ask about your wallet in those commercials.

We get a lot of scraps in my house.  Ann sometimes practices on a separate piece of card stock or she punches out something & changes her mind.  Eventually all these pieces either get used or tossed.  (If she kept everything, I wouldn't have a place to sleep!)

Today's card is a birthday card for Mitzi.  I think next to me & my favorite huMAN, Ann likes Mitzi best – though to hear Ann tell it, that's in reverse order!  (Bark it isn't so!)  Those of you that belong to the Master Stamper may recognize that this was a practice flower from the card & video that we're sharing tonight.  (but it doesn't look ANYTHING like it!)  It's from the set called Love & Sympathy & that card isn't a sympathy card either!

The scrap vellum was virgin vellum before we DEbossed it with the Big Shot & the Elegant Lines Embossing Folder.  So just because it's a scrap doesn't mean you can't make a fabulous card.

Click for Close Up
Personally, I think it needs more pearls!  But I do like the greeting from the popular hostess set "Happiest Birthday Wishes".  You can get it FREE when you order at least $150 either by yourself or with your friends.

Barking about friends – thank you to Doodles for the way cool Peeps Easter card!  Ann liked hers too, but mine was da bomb!  I think that Ann already thanked Judy in Sacramento for her fabulous fold card.  Drop dead gorgeous! 

And look what else the friends dropped off!  My favorite huMAN brought Ann 2 dozen roses for their anniversary on Wednesday (since he couldn't find 30).  She was very happy with that math!  They're in 2 separate vases.  This is the edge of just one of them.  Besides taking him to an indoor go kart racing place soon, she got him $30 in his choice of music.

Yesterday, some of my favorite stampers came by.  Donna brought them this calorie free cake & Gail brought a handmade card and that funny looking bottle.  Something tells me that they're not going to share any of this with me!

It's Friday, but Sunday's coming!

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