Hey!  The chick cracked out of the Faberge Egg this morning!  Ann was finishing up her Bunny Money Cash Presenter videos for the Master Stampers in the wee hours and all of a sudden, this chick came of the stamp studio! 

But that Cash Presenter with the bunny punch art Ann made for the Master Stampers, – well, it can sometimes make other things pale in significance.  You should go over & try it for a month or two & find out what the hub ub is about.  Ann won't let me on the premises.

She sure doesn't photograph well!  I think it's the diamond in her eye.  I almost just put her in the mail.  What do YOU think?  I don't think she'd make a good omelet.

Faberge Easter Egg
I hope you're having a wonderful weekend and find lots of cool eggs yourself.

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