Don't ask too many questions today.  I'm just barking that you need to pay attention to this little pup when I say to "get it now so you'll have it later". 


Evelyn & Ann made cards for Hope Point the other night.  They made a version of this card for the pastors to use.  Don't ask me about the stamp set.  I'm just saying that you can get it next year so stick around! 

What I'm barking about is that Cherry Cobbler Quilted Ribbon!  That's not going to be around after January 3rd, so if you want it, get it in Cherry Cobbler AND Early Espresso while you still can!

Why?  Because this card looks fine without the ribbon, but you can see how much better it looks with the ribbon!  Maybe it's because Cherry Cobbler is something that those Twilight fans like, but I just like it period!

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