Many people trim their tree this weekend and here's the card to prove it.  (Psst!  We're considering this one for the last Christmas card Stamp A Stack this weekend.)  I'll be sharing some Thanksgiving pet safety tips after you get a gander at this card, complete with warm & fuzzies.

Welcome Christmas

This uses Music Notes Stampin' Around Wheel #120327 & the stamp sets Welcome Christmas (Wood-#118736 Clear #120597) & Sweet Season #116471.

So now, as you get ready for your big Thanksgiving Dinner, here are some paraphrased tips from the Dogster website to  help you keep your dog & other pets out of the vets office.  When you're done, check out Stamper's Facebook page for a list of toxic foods:

  1. STUFF YOUR TURKEY, NOT YOUR DOG – All that turkey & the fixin's isn't good for us.  Too much fat can not only make us sick, it can be life threatening.  Think we HAVE to have some?  Just give us a couple strips of lean, skinless, boneless turkey with our dinner.  No gravy will ever pass these lips!
  2. STUFF YOUR DOG'S KONG, NOT YOUR DOG – I love it when Ann & Cecil put food in my Kong.  It's much more interactive than just getting it out of the bowl.  Put my dinner in a Kong & give me something to do while you're enjoying YOUR bit of the bird.
  3. GET US POOPED! – If you want to keep someone out of the kitchen, give them a leash so they can give us a walk.  A tired dog is a good dog so lots of exercise before dinner will keep us quiet.  (that's not what you thought I was going to say, is it!?!)
  4. MAKE NO BONES ABOUT IT – Cooked turkey bones are sharp & can get lodged inside us for days.  Keep those bones between your plate & the garbage can – that is, unless you want to see if the surgeon's busy this weekend.
  5. HERE'S SOME SAGE WISDOM – Sage & some other herbs like nutmeg are on the NO EAT list for dogs. 
  6. ONIONS GOT YOU CRYING? – They'll do more than that to me!  They're toxic & can lead to anemia.
  7. NO RAW DEALS HERE! – Unless your pup is already on a raw diet, don't start now!  That just another thing to upset our tummies.  And raw dough?  NO WAY!  My tiny tummy will make that yeast rise & where's it going to go?  Probably on a trip to the ER.
  8. NO YAPPY HOUR FOR ME! – Some dogs like to embibe.  Doesn't mean it's a good mix.  Treat us like we're a designated driver to save you from taking a comatose dog in for an emergency howdy with the vet.

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