Well, here's a little known fact you may not know about me.  I have my own quilt to sleep on.  I use it when I'm dictating my blog posts to Ann.  When she says "go to work", that means it's time for me to assume my position on the futon & start barking my thoughts.


When Ann was at the Stampin' Up! Founder's Circle Retreat, Jackie shared this nice quilt she made with the Big Shot.  She said she's not much of a sewer, but she sewed the strips together & used a glue stick to apply all the layered scallop circles.  Then she had someone with a quilting machine quilt them down. 

Ann was quite impressed, but I was a little disappointed she hasn't made me a new one.  I mean, a dog should get a new quilt every 5 years, don't you think?  Just because I'm on my 7th or 8th bed in 5 years doesn't mean I shouldn't get a new quilt too.


If you want to come over & quilt on Tuesday night, you should give Ann a call at 530-674-5090.  Maybe THEN she'll start on a new one for me!

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