Here's a little treat from my friends at Stampin' Up! that previews some of the new products in the Stampin' Up! Summer Mini Catalog.  Just remember that when they say Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, they mean Ann Clemmer

And if you'd like to get a sampler of any of these products, just look here & get one from us.

And if you'd like to shop, just go here & look for the Shop Now Buttons.  Next month you'll get a reusable card from Ann (that *I* designed, of course)

And about that project yesterday – that wasn't a card on the top of the cake box.  That was an envelope.  Ann makes a card for Maria whenever she visits & puts that green stuff inside that she uses to trade for dog food.  This time she just did the cake & the envelope.  Don't know why you humans bother with the green stuff.  I prefer the dog food.

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