Here's a cool gift card holder for your favorite graduate.  Normally, we like to make the card match the gift card.  Or for a wedding, we make the card to match the wedding colors.  But for graduation, we like to make the card match the school colors.  It uses Go Graduate stamp set (#118519 Wood or #120054 Clear) from the Stampin' Up! Summer Mini


It's a great time to be a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.  Lynn designed a cool card & gave it to BJ.  BJ shared it with Ann and so here's Ann's version done with the colors of Sutter Union High School & Faith Christian High School here in Sutter & Yuba City, California.


It's got a cool different cut.  When you open it up, it reveals a gift card holder.  Ann says that's actually the key to her room from the Stampin' Up! Hawaii trip in 2009.  Do you think it will still work?  Ann said that they had a very nice ocean front room.

As usual, just click on either picture to see it really close up.

So thank you to everyone involved because this sure is a cool idea.  That's why I insisted that Ann shared it with you!

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