I know it's someone's birthday somewhere.  Since Stampin' Up! has offered the 3 Tier Cake Pop Up Die on special for just $25.49, I thought I'd show you some pictures of it:

Cake First, the outside (made with a few of your favorite retired colors).  You don't have to put birthday candles on it.  There's also a Bride & Groom for the top of the cake.

psst….you could make a wedding card that would NEVER get thrown away!

Look Inside! 

Then here's the inside of a card we made for our girl Mitzi.  She's a full grown human at this point, but she was still QUITE impressed.  

You can order yours today & get over 36% off!

You humans get all the good stuff!

Order here or email Ann & she'll get it for you!

Chow Baby!


p.s Be sure to come say "hello" to Ann at her booth at the Taste of Home Cooking Show at the Yuba Sutter Fairgrounds today.