Some people would think that this is a lot of stamp sets that came home from the Stampin’ Up! Convention, but something’s not quite right!  Ann has 12 stamp sets here, but I seem to remember 13 coming out of the luggage last night!  I think that she is holding out on me!

Ann’s too humble to tell you, but I will.  You know, there is a reason that Stampin’ Up! is my favorite company.  They are so smart!  They awarded Ann & me as the #7 Demonstrator of the Year Team in the United States, it’s Armed Forces bases & it’s territories.  They couldn’t put my name on the screen so they made everyone think it was her.  You & I know better. 

It’s not just sales.  It’s for having a well rounded business including encouraging our team of demonstrators called the 24/7 Stampers.

THEN, to top it all off, they appointed Ann to the Stampin’ Up! Advisory Board for the next 12 months.  What an honor!  Though perfection is hard to beat, I’ll be sure to send my suggestions with Ann to Shelli & her sharp team.

Why not come join us in all this fun?  I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t!  We’ve got more information here.  OR just email Ann so that she can call & chat with you. Maybe YOU can bring home lots of free stamps too! 

Oh, and here’s an important post script that should have come first….thank ALL of YOU for being our favorite stampin’ buds.

Chow Baby!