Ann was up all night moving furniture in our stamp room and office, but she wanted me to remind you that it’s your last day to save.

I’ll bark about that with some suggestions in a minute.

She and my favorite huMAN had to unpack all the stuff in the shelves you see behind her in our live stream classes so they could move the unit about 8″. That made room for the new revolving stamp holder.

They also had to unpack a similar shelving unit in her office so they could move that 8″ too. That made room for the old stamp cupboard to move in there….without stamps.

I’m sure she’ll find something to put in there. There are lots to choose from

Our Online Store is Open

This has been a very popular sale and we thank you for thinking of us when you restock your crafting supplies. There are still lots of items available. If they were out of something yesterday, they may have already restocked it today.

And remember – it’s only on Annual Catalog Items

Here’s what I suggest on this, your last day to save:

  • Check your cardstock supplies.
    • Do you have enough to get your through the end of the year?
  • Need a Grid Pad? They’re included!
  • How are your ink pads?
    • Do you have a refill for each of them? They stamp much better when they’re not thirsty.
  • How are your Stampin’ Blends?
    • If you’ve never tried them, this is the perfect time to try a few of your favorite colors.
  • And, of course, you can treat yourself to some patterned paper and ribbons if you’d like.
  • We’ve got a new shopping code S2Y42ZP6 so you won’t miss getting a sample of new product when we send you a reusable handmade card to thank you for shopping with us.
  • Shop early for best selection.
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