You know it’s the last day. It’s the last day of June. It’s the end of the first half of the year too! And now, this is your last chance for two things:

13 Patterned Papers for 15% off

Stampin’ Up! calls them Designer Series Papers. You may have heard them called DSP.

Whatever you want to call them, here’s the list of what you can get today.

And the cool thing is that the sale price is honored if today you decide you want to join our team of 24/7 Stampers.

Why today? Because you can get….

An Extra $30 in Your Starter Kit

If you’re still reading this, you should really think about this last chance. Ann joined at the end of a special. She’d talked about it with the demonstrator a few times, but it was at the very end that she went over to the lady’s house and filled out the paperwork.

Back then, the kit was about $325. She said she got a lot of stuff, but it was more restrictive than it is now. It’s hard for this pup to explain, but 24 years ago, they had something like a check list.

She needed to pick out a stamp set at a certain dollar amount. Then another one at a different dollar amount – and so on. They had a certain number of stamp pads, but you could choose the colors.

That’s not the way it is now.

Now, you can pick anything you want – anything in the catalog or in the online store. As long as it all adds up to $155 and not $155.25. And those sale prices are honored! So, it’s $155 of product for $99+tax. And you get free shipping on that.

But if you wait until next week, you only get $125 of product. But the $99+tax and free shipping is still on.

The deal is not the best part of it. Ann always told me that other than getting me as her favorite pup, is all the nice people she’s met over the years – like many of you. Whether you’ve met in person or on one of our live streams, we want the best for you.

We’ve got a great team of 24/7 Stampers that all joined for different reasons and have , but they all love stamping.

So if you have questions, text or call Ann at (530) 761-5090. Or email her today.

Or just go do it! Right here! We’d love to have you!

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