There were a lot of things in this box that we received several weeks ago, but the best thing was the cruise card.

There was a big wonderful woolen Norwegian sweater that was made for someone with arms 6-8″ longer than Ann’s. 2 pair of patterned socks. There was a luggage belt that someone turned into a strap for a crossover bag. And there were some other things and a card and a letter from Sarah, the CEO, and Shelli, the co-founder and Board President.

The sweater was beautiful, but Ann can’t wear wool. So, yes! The best thing was this handmade card and the letter.

Cruise Card
Norway Cruise Card

Not complaining! My favorite huMAN LOVED the box!

Do you know what set this is from? Because this pup is having a challenge turning the catalog pages.

Perhaps a closer look will help.

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