This could be a birthday card or a thinking of you card, but we decided to make this a quirky anniversary card.

Why? Because today is Ann and my favorite huMAN’s wedding anniversary! Yep! They’ve been married longer than Ann claims to be alive. And it doesn’t get quirkier than that!

Well, except when you figure that our big Double Retirement Sale starts today and Ann stayed up uber late last night to do a “what was she thinking” pre-order from the new catalog. (You can check the lists here or go hang out in our online store here.)

Quirky Anniversary Card
Quirky Anniversary Card

We both really do believe what the card says, but most people don’t give a gnome card for an anniversary. They’re usually flowers and seriously romantic prose.

But this one drives the point home – and it’s hand made!

It just doesn’t get any better than that!

It’s one of the nice things about making your own card. You can do what you want. Gnomes never seem to match their clothes so we didn’t either. Well, we didn’t overmatch.

Quirky Anniversary Card
Quirky Anniversary Card

There Are Just Two Problems

One is that you can’t get these Radiating Stitches Dies until early May. Sorry about that. We were happy to get ours and then they must’ve sold out again.

We even used them to decorate the inside! (Don’t tell Ann I showed you. I took this picture before she wrote in it.)

The other is that between the time Ann thought of this card and the time she’s typing this for me, they sold the last of the Shimmery White Cardstock. I hope they carry it again someday.

Quirky Anniversary Card

You Can Make This Quirky Anniversary Card!

Or make it a birthday card. We don’t mind.

She made this in minutes. It didn’t take long to color that little gnome. She even gave my favorite huMAN a real Stampin’ Up! envelope! They are so smooth! But the price is going up next month so grab them now!

You can get coordinating Gnome Dies while supplies last. (We didn’t use them on this project, but they’re good to have.)

But I’ll bet that you’d like to know what we used for supplies.

So before we share the picture list, I want to be sure you know what we give all our online shoppers.

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