Can you believe that the apprentice, Domino, has been training with Ann for 6 months now?

So how was he been doing? Have you been impressed?

Do you think we should keep him?

8 month Apprentice

Domino is such a party animal! It’s easier said than done to get him to sit still for a few pictures.

But he did ask that I remind you that there are just a couple more days before the prices go up on these items.

When the new catalog is available on Tuesday, the items shown above will have a new price. But today and tomorrow, you can get these things for the old price.

Except for the Large Cutting Plates that are out of stock until later this month.

Some Good is Happening on Tuesday

Besides the new catalog being released, you’ll have an opportunity to score new IN Colors when you join our 24/7 Stampers team.

And the earlier you do it, the longer you’ll have to get things going. Ann explained it in Friday’s show that she shared in yesterday’s post.

And what is the $66.50 in Bonus IN Color items? Well, it’s all this.

But that’s just the bonus items. You’ll also want to pull out your Wish List and pick out up to $125 of your choice of items that are available in the new catalog.

All for just $99 plus tax – free shipping!

And it all starts here on Tuesday!

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