I think my gal pal Doodles is psychic!

The Stampin’ Blends were supposed to arrive in mid June.  Stampin’ Up! told us on the 15th that they were delayed.

Stampin' Blends Projects

On Wednesday, her human asked if the Stampin’ Blends were available on the live stream that we did on YouTube and Facebook.  (We shared it in yesterday’s post.)

Then yesterday, I barked about how we finished Wednesday’s card and showed what we had used the Stampin’ Blends on to make an awesome card.  You can see it in yesterday’s post.

After my ball thrower Gail left yesterday, Ann turned on the computer and BAM!  They were available!  We’d just missed the announcement by a couple hours.

So Ann rushed around and got an email out to our newsletter subscribers and then put up this picture for some of our fans.

Stampin' Blends Alcohol Markers

Some of you who were chomping at the bit, were the first ones to take advantage of this opportunity to complete your Stampin’ Blends collection.  These are VERY popular and can run out quickly.

Is Your Favorite Color on the List?

If you’ve never tried them before, you can just try a few to see if you like them, but I’ll bet you’ll love them!  They’re so easy to use!  Here’s a look at the 2nd installment of 11 colors.

2018 Stampin' Blends Colors

You’ll Get All This!

  • All our online clients get a reusable handmade card and 4 free PDF Project Tutorials.
    • Use the card to send to a friend or keep it for inspiration.
  • Earn Stampin’ Bucks by tracking your purchases.
    • Cash them in on your choice of stamp set or dies up to $33
    • Easy to do when you download this form.
  • Use the code when you shop!
    • We’ll include a small gift of current product in with the card we mail you.
    • It’s currently 4GWUM39E,
    • It’s always posted towards the top of the right column here on the blog.
    • Or bookmark this link to start your shopping experience.
    • Don’t use the code if you’re spending $150+.  We’ll still send the gift.


Stampin' Up! Color Coach

This Could Be Helpful

Stampin’ Up! released some Color Coach sheets that you can use to help you mix and match your colors when you use the Stampin’ Blends.  Print out some of these sheets that we put in this post to help you color a more color coordinated project.

For Those of You Who Like Our Holder

  • The holder, as shown, is half a package of the shelves.
  • They usually come with 6 shelves.
  • You’ll catch a glimpse of it behind Ann’s head in our live streams.
  • You can order a box here.
    • NOTE:  Ann will give me a small treat if you want to buy a box.

Mark Your Calendar!

One week from today, we’ll be having our monthly retired and used stamp sale.  I hope you can come.  We know it’s a holiday week, but our regular viewers are ready to pounce on the deals we offer!

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