It’s going to be an interesting week.  Starting today…..

  • Ann has to get up like normal people to take my favorite huMAN to the airport.
    • He hasn’t been home to see his family in 9 years!
  • Then Ann needs to be an adult for 7 whole days.
    • I’d like to think I can help, but I’m on better behavior when my favorite huMAN is around.
  • Tonight is our local Stamp Club.  There is no one for me to watch TV with in the bedroom so I guess I’ll have to entertain the ladies in between stamps.

They have an interesting relationship.

He made sure all the laundry was done and the lawn was mowed.

She booked his tickets, printed out all his boarding passes and made sure he had enough cash.

And *I* paid for the flight!

Yep!  I did!  Ann helped me save up frequent flyer miles with all the stamps and supplies that we’ve purchased so we had enough to send him to see his family.

I Need Help!

Yes, I need help because I get pretty excited when I have to direct Ann during her live presentations for Facebook and YouTube.  It will be quite the experience tomorrow, that’s for sure!

I’m pretty demanding and can expect her to open the patio door at any moment to let me in or out regardless of whether she’s on camera or not.

I invite you…

…to watch us share all the Designer Papers, ribbons and accessories of the new catalog!!

Live Stream Wednesdays

We’ll be on tomorrow at 1pm Pawcific Time!

  • 10am Hawaii
  • Noon for most of Alaska
  • 1pm Pawcific and Arizona time
  • 2pm Mountain Time
  • 3pm Central Time
  • 4pm Eastern Time

Watch us!  Here on Facebook or here on YouTube!  Ask us questions!

Or better yet, register for a reminder to be sent by Facebook Messenger just before we go live on both venues!

It will be fun!

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    What a great live streaming idea!