If you don’t want to be late for church tomorrow…

If you don’t want to miss breakfast tomorrow…..

Be sure to turn your clocks ahead tonight!

That is, if you’re in a lucky state or country that acknowledges Daylight Saving Time.


Ann was up last night until the birds told her to go to bed this morning.

It happens every time she gets excited about doing something for our blog readers and clients.

Later this afternoon, she’ll be doing a test run on our new camera for all our Facebook fans (& our wannabe Facebook fans).  We’re not promising a precise time – just in case.

If you’re not already getting our reminders for our Wednesday shows and would like a shout out for this one, you can register for a reminder here.

We’re just so excited!  We only have one or two more tweaks in mind, but I’m sure we’ll come up with more!

And it will be WAY more fun if you can join us!  (Ann tends to laugh a lot during these things.  I just can’t stop her!)


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