How many best friends do you have?  Some people think that you can only have one.  In this house, we think that the term “best friend” is for the best of friends.

It’s not just for that one good friend.  It’s a term for all those friends that treat you REALLY well.

The ones that will bring food when you’re sick.  Or they’ll take your dog to the vet.   Or stand up with you at your wedding.  Or forgive you when you’ve really messed up.

You know what I’m barking about.  And hopefully you’ll come across many friends in your lifetime who will love you at that level.

This is the card for that type of friend.

Thank You Card Idea

Do you think that we should put something really meaningful inside?

Should we send it when they do something nice for us?

Thank You Card Idea
Maybe we should just spill the beans and tell them how much we appreciate them for no special reason at all!  I think they’d like the Dapper Denim & Emerald Envy combination.

On the other paw, I like this card so much, I’m going to do a video for some of my favorite stampers – our Master Stampers.

Now, you don’t have to be a professional to be a Master Stamper.  You don’t have to be a demonstrator, but it sure helps if you love stamping.

Master Stamper is for anyone who wants to improve their stamping.  They want different ideas for their card making.

You can discover how you can join the fun here.

With about 200 projects, I’m sure you’ll find something there you’d like – and there’s more to come!  (Master Stamper members can access here.)

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