They say that the 3rd Monday of January is the saddest day of the year.  There’s a lot of human info about this that I don’t have access to, but if it’s right…..

We’d better start getting our cards made!

Think of someone who was alone at Christmas.  Or perhaps someone who was only hired for Christmastime and now they’re out of work again.

Make them a cheerful card or take them out for coffee on the on the 16th.  Why not do both!?!

Balloon Card

I may need one of these balloons today or in the next couple days as it rains non-stop and the rivers swell.

This isn’t my version of a cheerful card, but my favorite huMAN seems to like it.  Perhaps something too cheery might surprise them.

It cheers me up because we saved 10% buying the bundle instead of buying the stamp set and matching framelits separately.  It doesn’t really matter that I didn’t get all the silver bits out because I got all the ones that weren’t cohesive with the design.  THAT’S the important part!

I’m just happy because my Seahawks won yesterday!

Seahawks Fan

My 24/7 Stampers will be here the next time they play.  I hope they won’t mind this in the background.

Here’s what we used to make this card.  Those of you who are reading this in your email box can see the picture supply list here.

Stampin’ Up! Card Making Supplies

Price: $110.00

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