I hope you don’t mind that I’m sharing another one of Ann’s swaps.  But this one is extra special because it’s from one of Ann’s uplines.  An upline is someone who is above Ann – like a supervisor or manager.

And Denise is 2 levels above Ann.

Denise is awesome and is very supportive.  In fact, when Ann does well, she sends her a card with a gift certificate with product!

But today’s fall notecard was one that Denise gave her at the Onstage Local event in Phoenix.

Fall Notecard

Wouldn’t this be nice to send a friend?  It uses the Cookie Cutter Halloween & the Acorny Thank You stamp sets.

Ann loves getting cards from Denise because she sends us Stampin’ Up! gift certificates for working hard.  And with a little effort, you can earn some free stamps too!

Did I tell you that we do Stampin’ Up! gift certificates too?  They’re perfect for your favorite stamping friend.

We’ve just changed our shopping code.  If you’re in the mood, here’s the newest one:  VT2MJZGE

  • Use it and we’ll send you a small gift in the reusable card we send you.
  • But don’t use it if your order is $150+.
    • Keep the Stampin’ Rewards for yourself.
    • We’ll still give you the gift AND the reusable card.

We’d love to be your demonstrators!

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