Ann did her first Facebook Live broadcast in a while.  It was the first that she did for me because all the others were for our team of 24/7 Stampers.

First, about an hour before the broadcast, we did a major hunt for the magnets we were testing.  Ann had put them in a “special place”.  Actually, it was on a shelf at my eye level.  I just wanted to see how long it took her to remember she put them there.

It was a live test and we hadn’t tried both brands – just the one (which turned out to be the better one.  But that wasn’t all that didn’t go according to plan!

  • Even though we’d done Facebook Live before, it said we didn’t have a strong enough signal.  (It was fine, once we turned off the tablet off that no one was using.)
  • I’m always more calm when my favorite huMAN is around, but he left just before we started!  (Don’t worry.  I was pretty good.)
  • You’ll see Ann write on the dry erase board with a PERMANENT MARKER!  oops!
  • Good thing that you didn’t see everything.  Ann had stayed up late the night before.  No time for make up and hair so she did this one in her pajamas!  (She did put on a new pair just before it started.)

Not all magnets were alike.  We bought 2 different brands.   One was strong than the other.  You don’t need something as strong as the magnets in a Big Shot Magnetic Platform.  You just need it strong enough to hold.

You can watch how we did the test here – even if you’re not on Facebook (but you can’t comment, so please comment below).

What Ann doesn’t mention is that the 5″ x 7″ ones that are sold on a popular stamp organization site either have to be cut down or you need to find a larger container.  (Of course, they sell a nice deluxe one.)  They won’t automatically fit the envelopes that come with your Big Shot dies.  They’re also over twice the price AND currently you need to wait a week or two for them to ship.

You can get 12 of the 4″ x 6″ magnets that won the test here for less than $10.  Free shipping if you’re an Amazon Prime member PLUS you get them in two days!

They fit perfectly inside both the regular size AND the larger size Stampin’ Up! Big Shot Die Holder.  You can, like we did, purchase a box almost anywhere that will hold them.  You could get a decorative basket or perhaps something at the Dollar Store.  We bought this holder a while back at Target, but it’s been a while.


I’m not allowed in Target but she could’ve found it in the Dollar Spot or in the organizing stuff.  The main thing is that it’s wide enough to hold the envelopes.  There’s no top on it because we want easy access.

We put an old tin in the front to keep the folders in.

The large ones don’t fit in here so Ann found a tin for 99 cents that she shows in the video.

I’m off to help Ann finish off a few videos.  She’s got one for you and one for the Master Stampers that we’re working on.  All things in time!

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