Can you believe it?  The Stampin’ Up! Weekly Deals that we’ve been loving for the past few years are ending!  There are just two weeks left to jump on them and then the retirement list comes out.

Oh boy!  What fun!  I can’t believe that they’re going out with 15 specials!


Did you order from us in March?  Doodles and I got all of our reusable green cards in the mail yesterday.  We call them green cards because you can reuse them.  It’s a birthday one!

But that’s all I can tell you for now.  I’ll show it to you tomorrow.  I promise.  Because right now, Ann’s typing out an email she’s sending to our subscribers.  She’s including TWO projects this month!  Oh yeah!

Subscribers, look in your mailbox today or tomorrow.   And there’s more to come.

Just barking here.

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So which weekly deal is for you?