Yes, there was a rain delay today.  I can’t believe how late Ann’s typing this!

We didn’t show you a picture of yesterday’s morning discovery.


It’s not that I would get out, but my friend Snoopy kept coming over and leaving liquid greeting cards.  Whenever Ann opens the door, Snoopy is lightning fast to come in out of nowhere and try to gain an entrance even before I’ve decided to go out!

It’s very exciting and all fixed now.  And I can go answer the greeting cards at my leisure.

So if you stopped by for a greeting card of your own, here’s the one that Ann & I started last night and finished today.


And you’ll probably never guess what took us the longest!

  • Finding the Whisper White Heavy Cardstock
  • Cutting out the cups
  • Deciding on the color combination
  • Taking the picture

What do you think took the longest?  That is, other than getting distracted.

Leave a comment below.  You may be right!  I’ll let you know tomorrow.

Here’s the colors we used.  Click on any of them to add to your collection.

There’s still time before the next rainstorm to shop and get stocked up on the free stamps we used to make this card.  The What I Love stamp set is free today but gone forever in April.

Just click on any picture below for more information on any of the supplies that we used.  You could start a shopping cart if that’s what you need/want.

Shop with Stamper Dog


I don’t see you moving yet!  Go on!  Make a card!