Human, oh human!

It sure rained here last night.  And you KNOW I don’t like to get wet!

We posted a quick video yesterday for our Facebook fans, but that was before the winds got up to enough to make sure that Ann’s red shoes were packed!

I would’ve shown it here but you would’ve had to put your right ear on your right shoulder.

It got much worse at night with 50-60 mph winds.  Sure glad we got that new roof last fall!  I hope the fence is still up so I don’t have to go out in my own back yard on a leash for a week or two!

So now you know that the rain and wind blew away my homework, but I’m still posting about some grrrreat card giving days this week.

Today is Dentists Day AND White Chocolate Cheesecake Day.  Go figure.

Here’s what else is coming up this week to celebrate:

  • Uh-oh!  Tuesday is Organize Your Home Office Day & International Women’s Day
  • Wednesday is Registered Dietitian Day & Barbie Day
  • Thursday is Mario Day & Day of Awesomeness (coincidence?)
  • Friday is Middle Name Pride Day (Ann’s is Margaret) & World Plumbing Day
  • Saturday is my favorite huMAN’s birthday and Girl Scout Day
  • Next Sunday is Ken Day and Check Your Batteries Day…..

….which means that NEXT Sunday your clocks spring ahead!

Now, we’re serious about checking the batteries because when we had that little smoking light fixture in the kitchen last fall, they discovered that the batteries were dead in the smoke alarm!

What havoc that caused!

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I don’t see you moving yet!  Go on!  Make a card!