How can it be?  It’s my birthday an dI’m into double digits!  This dog is 10!

Now how long is that in dog years?  We used to have a chart around here somewhere.  Oh yes!  I shared it with my Facebook friends a few years ago.

You’ll want to bookmark this post because I had to dig through 3 years of pictures to find it.

It shows I’m 64.


108Mo-HB-9I can still remember when Ann brought me home.  She thought it was funny that the breeder included a flyer about doggy health insurance in my crate.

That is….until she found me the next day with a dime in my tiny little mouth.



Did you see my picture on Facebook in the wee hours of this morning?  It was taken a month ago just to show you that I CAN smile!

I’m usually more serious in our pictures because it means that I’ll get my treat faster.

Ann knows how to reward her workers.  A little kibble is the perfect treat to help me keep my boyish figure.  And the sooner I calm down, the sooner I get my treat.

2mo-ButtonI must say that things have changed a lot since I moved here from Oregon as an 8 week old pup- especially in the last month.

My favorite huMAN is retiring so that means he can play footsy with me any time I want.  You know, it’s the little things that mean so much.  Here’s what else has been out of the ordinary in these last 4 weeks:

  • They went to the movies on a $5 Tuesday night.  (That NEVER happened before because my favorite huMAN had to get up at 3am for work.)
  • They actually took a mid-week getaway that had nothing to do with stamping (but she DID get to visit my stamping friend Lora).
  • He gets up and feeds me breakfast!
  • They even took me for a walk in the park one morning!

I just don’t know how I’m going to adjust to all this happiness!

I know I shared my birthday card from Doodles last week in this post.  I’ll be sharing one from Jackie Frazier in Florida on Facebook later today.

And for those of you who have a smart phone, I think Ann has something up her sleeve for tomorrow on Periscope for you.  (We just couldn’t fit one more thing in today, so I’ll have a 2-Day celebration.)  Here’s YOUR to do list I’m assigning (because you’ll REALLY want to see this).

  1. Go to the App Store
  2. Download Periscope
  3. Find me & follow me on Periscope (of course, I’m @stamperdog just like I am on Twitter)
  4. Watch for our scope tomorrow.  (We’re aiming for 10am but  we’ll send a tweet out to let you know when to watch.)

And those of you who get our newsletter have something REALLY special to celebrate with me before the deadline.  (Make sure you open that email!)


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