Yes, Happy Birthday, America!  I can’t believe you’re 239!  You don’t look a day over 235!

And that’s why we’re doing a youthful card today that I’m calling a Graffiti Birthday Card.

Graffiti Birthday Card

We hope you all have a wonderful safe 4th of July.  It’s pretty dry here in California.  Really shouldn’t be doing fireworks this year because it’s so dry so keep your fingers crossed and your paws in the prayer position that there are no incidents.

Graffiti Birthday Card

Here are a few pet tips for the 4th of July:

  • Just be sure to keep your pets inside during the fireworks.
  • Dogs actually LIKE small places when they’re scared or hurting so feel free to put us in our crate or a small hallway or bathroom.  It’s NOT a punishment.
  • If you’re having friends over, be sure to remind everyone to keep the gate closed so we don’t wander.  Once we’ve gone exploring, the party just won’t be as much fun.
  • Don’t feed us any grapes, raisins, fatty foods or chocolate.  It will at the very least upset our tummies or worse, a trip to the vet.

Just know we’re here when you need us.

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