Have you ever been to an UN-birthday party?  Ann went to one without me last night.  And perhaps THAT meant that things weren’t going to go according to plan.

This short version should make you chuckle:

A surprise party was planned for someone who has a Christmas birthday.  Do you know someone like that?  We have one in our family AND someone born on New Year’s Day too!

That usually means that everyone is distracted by a very IMPORTANT birthday celebration that has nothing to do with cake.  So you can see why Cindy and Amy put their heads together for a party.  An UN-birthday party.


And this one had a Mad Hatter Tea Party theme!  Cindy had gifts for everyone! (here’s the inside of the card)


Ann said that they even played games!  And although she did very badly at one, she wasn’t too bad at the other – considering that she’d never read “Alice in Wonderland” – and came home with a prize AND a present.

But the guest of honor never showed up!  I don’t even think they spilled the beans because she was helping someone who really needed it.

Yes, Merrylee is that kind of person.  And that’s probably why they all came with cards for her (because gifts weren’t allowed).

So because there were no gifts involved and Ann wasn’t aware of the extent of the theme, we had to come up with a quick card to do.  How DO you make an UNbirthday card?

We figured that this greeting from the Age Awareness stamp set was perfect.  (And we didn’t want to use the stamp set that we thought Cindy would use.)

Unbirthday Card

And since it was a quick idea, we used the layout of a not too much older card to fashion it after.  Notice how much brighter this year’s new IN Colors are than the ones that just retired on the left?

Unbirthday Card

I could have sworn we did a technique video of this card.  Maybe we’ll have to do another one just so you know how to do it too.  Ann put it in a clear envelope so everyone could see the pretty balloons.

So hats off to Cindy who really made sure that everyone had a good time and was entertained the whole time Ann was gone!

In the meantime, I just waited until she came home, checking my eyelids.

I wonder what Merrylee will think when she sees the pictures?

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