I don’t know how Ann did it, but she got us a new blanket for the car for free.  And it even gets better than that!

Even if you don’t like football, a blanket is good to have in the car just in case you’re stuck under a bridge on a rainy day waiting for AAA to show up.  (Don’t ask Ann how she knows.)

First, if you shop at Target, you should really check out Cartwheel.  You can pick your discounts in advance and then they just scan your phone when you get there.

You start off with just a few, then you can pick more.

Now through the 27th, you can get 5% off on all Dr. Pepper purchases.  Pick that one because it helps you with your free blanket.


While supplies last, you can get this cool blanket for free when you buy 3 Dr. Pepper products at Target.  And Dr. Pepper is on sale this week!

Add the extra Cartwheel discount and they are almost paying you to take this blanket home!



So go on and get yours.  It might just be the perfect thing to keep you warm when you’re stamping!



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