We never take a card in our mailbox for granted.  Sometimes Doodles sends me a card.  Sometimes Lynda or Carol does as well.  (Our address is at the bottom of all our emails.)

It sure is nice to get a card in your mailbox, isn’t it?

Yesterday, we got one from Denise with a $25 Stampin’ Up! gift certificate in there because I’m such a hard working dog.  And this is it.  (Contact us if you need a gift certificate for a friend.)Friends Who Know Card

That’s just one of the cool perks of being part of our 24/7 Stampers Community.  You not only get support from me and Ann, you also get a good scratch behind the ears from Denise when you’ve done well.  You can find out how you can join us here.

We’re going to take yesterday’s post a bit farther than you might have thought.  A few of you liked knowing what special days are coming up.  And if you would like us to update you every Sunday, please leave a comment below and we’ll continue the service.  We won’t tell you all of them – like today being Skyscraper Appreciation Day, but if we think it could be card worthy, we’ll do it – but only if you say so.

  • Monday, 8/11 is Son and Daughter Day
  • Tuesday, 8/12 is International Youth Day & Middle Child’s Day
  • Wednesday, 8/13 is International Lefthanders Day
  • Saturday, 8/14 is World Honey Bee Day & Tell a Joke Day

Saturday is also International Homeless Animals Day so if you’re thinking of getting a new dog or cat, why not adopt one?

And with that, I hope that you’re all enjoying a wonderful Sunday and making lots of cards and stamping projects.  We just put up one of Ann’s favorites in the Master Stamper so members should check that out.

We would love to help you stock your paper crafting supplies.  Use the code PMYR7ZH9 when you shop here & we’ll include a small gift with the handmade card we send to thank you for shopping with us.

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