This Easter card is easier than it looks and soon I’m going to prove it!  Have you started on your Easter cards yet?  It’s late this year.  Just 17 more days.

Easter cards make Ann nostalgic.  Besides it being Ann’s favorite holiday, her mom used to always send Easter cards.

Wouldn’t you like to have that affect on someone?  A breath of Spring and thoughtfulness.  Yep.  And maybe something with some real meaning.

Easter Basket Card

Don’t you just love it?  Baked Brown Sugar, Bermuda Bay and Very Vanilla.  Oh yes, and Garden Green for the grass.

Card Making Tip

  • Stampin’ Up! recommends that you use the middle of the blade of the Fringe Scissors to cut the grass.
  • We found that whether you use the blade tips or the middle of the blade, the twisted leaves turn out the same, but I’ll bet the scissors will work better or last longer if you do what they say.
  • I happen to like the twisted blades of grass!

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