Ann sent a newsletter out on Tuesday when she first heard about Becky Higgins partnering with Stampin’ Up!.

So “what’s that?” you ask?  (I wanted to know as well.)  It’s a scrapbooking revolution!

It’s an quick, easy and streamlined way to scrapbook your life in a manageable way and I can’t wait to get our box of goodies here!  That stuff is just the right size to make an adorable scrapping project about ME!

Demonstrators will be able to order it on MONDAY!  But the rest of you will have to wait until May.  SHUCKS!

Here’s what Stampin’ Up! CEO & Co-Founder Shelli Gardner and Becky Higgins have to say about Project Life.  It’s enough to make a dog stamp scrapping!

Of course, you could just join our team of 24/7 Stampers and then you could come to the big catalog reveal at one of the dozens of theaters across the nation on Monday, April 28th AND come to convention with Ann and the stampers in July!

You could miss out on all that fun, but why would you want to stay home like me when you could stamp your art out in Salt Lake City with Ann and the rest of the 24/7 Stampers.  In fact, we have many of our 24/7 Stampers attending in several cities who would love to meet you!

You can find out more about how you can enhance your craft and your life here.  Hey!  Maybe you could even get a cute Jack Russell Terrier like me!

Check out all these cool things that are coming our way!


I understand that the Stampin’ Up! version of Project Life and TWO sided cards.  A BIG plus in my opinion.  You can find out prices and more about Project Life here.

Order online & get your own reusable handmade thank you card from us.

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