I think I have a birthday hangover today.  Ann let me play with her Smart Phone and take pictures of my birthday cards to share with all my 1,200 Facebook Fans.  That’s right!  For my birthday, I went over the 1,200 mark!  I am one blessed pup to have so many human friends!

Ann spent the day doing a new welcome video for our new Master Stamper members so that they can get around the Master Stamper site even easier than it already is.  We have tons of videos over there.  Do you know that altogether, we have almost 400 videos?  Most of them are NOT on You Tube.  Some are duplicates, but not THAT many!  And we’re ramping up our recordings!  Have you noticed?

Usually, I don’t take things off of my Facebook page, but since this was made by my gal pal, Doodles, I just couldn’t resist.  (Although that funny looking lady was a gift to Ann when she worked in the real world.  If she still worked there, she would probably look more like that.)

Doodles Card

If the real world is getting you down, maybe you should think about turning your hobby into a way to enjoy making money.  I’m not just barking here.  You should talk to Ann.  Call her at 530-674-5090 or shoot her an email.  She loves to play “Stump the Demonstrator”.

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