I don't think I'm supposed to show you this.  It's a simple card, but sometimes that's all you need. 

Ann's sending this to almost half of our demonstrator team for the great work they did in the first 3 months of 2012.  Yep.  They did a grrrrreat job!  So we're going to invite them to a nice day of lunching & stamping just as soon as Ann gets back from visiting the guy in the red pants she fashioned this card after.

That way they can stamp with some new stamps that are for demonstrators only!


It's on those little notecards that come with envelopes.  It's just enough to get the point across & make you smile.  I think this is going to inspire her to a different version for her Stampin' Up! Disney World swap.  What a kick!

You won't tell, will you?  Because if you can keep a secret, then maybe YOU should join our team of 24/7 Stampers so you can get invited in June or July!  (We include our long distance stampers too.)  Find out how you can join the fun here.  We're already in 15 states & Puerto Rico.  Maybe you'll chart new territory for us!

That may be the only way to keep me out of the dog house for showing you this so early!

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