The barbeque started yesterday.  It will continue today.  Things we don't have around the house will mysteriously appear – like hot dogs & potato chips.  And what does this mean to me?  Just this – I hope they bought the cheap paper plates.

Do you have a wish list of stamps & stuff you want or need?  I highly recommend it.  Ann has one – or two – or three.  You can download one here.  Ann's been wanting the Field Flowers stamp set for 2 months now.  She's always loved this type of Two Step Stamping.  She finally got it & here's her first creation.

Love that First Edition Paper!

We had a little discussion about that itty bitty flower.  If you look in the catalog, that's supposed to be the center of the flower, but SHE said that it could be anything she wanted it to be – even a flying saucer!  Yep, I'll have to give it to her on this one.  It could even be a kippah or yarmulke (a Jewish skull cap).

That's what's cool about rubber stamping.  The art may be done, but it's the interpretation that makes the difference.

Hope you're having a fun celebration for the end of your summer & enjoying perfect weather!

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