Ann LOVES to play Four Square on her Droid.  What's that?  It's a game where she checks in when she visits a store.  If she's been there more than anyone else in the last 2 months, she gets to be Mayor!  Central Bark (our home) is registered so that our stampers can play the game too. 

So today is Four Square Day because 4 squared = 16!  Get it?  4/16!  Yes, this dog can do math!  You can even use this button to sign up if you want!

So onto the important stuff.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DOODLES' MOM, KAY!  Gotta stay in good with my girlfriend's mom.  She even sends me treats to be sure my dog bone stash doesn't get depleted.  I hope that you're ALL going to take advantage of my special opportunity to help my pile of dog treats at an acceptable level.  There were only 2 yogurt cookies in my jar yesterday & no trip to the Pet Store in sight!  I'm sure it's a government conspiracy!

I was helping Ann go through our stamp collection from the Occasions Mini to see what we haven't shared enough of.  Nature Walk & Easter Blooms jumped to the top of the list.  We used both on this Easter Card as well as the Four Frames & Paisley Petals Designer Papers that are on special.  At the end of this month they all go away!  We'll have to wait until July to see what makes the cut.

Get these by 4/30/11!
This really looks best in real life – just like me!  So come stamp with me soon!

It's a great time to be the blog dog of a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.

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