While I was choosing some colors for Ann to work with, we noticed that we hadn't used Bravo Burgundy in awhile.  It's a great manly color.  So we popped that out to stamp onto this Sahara Sand 4-1/4" square card. 

Throw in some Early Espresso so that we can use some ribbon & long story short – we've got a card!  It was our first time using the Stampin' Up! Notably Ornate stamp set (Wood-#117098 Clear-#120561).  We also used the heart & words from the Got Treats stamp set (Wood-#119114 clear-#120627). 

Here's a little trick that we learned from a pretty smart demonstrator (we just don't remember which one).  It really has to do more with when you're stamping a color onto light paper, but it works for a different reason here.

Edging We stamped Sahara Sand ink onto Sahara Sand paper.  Then we took the brush side of a Sahara Sand marker & went around for shading.  (But this picture was probably done with River Rock.)  This technique, when a dark color is stamped on a light color, will hide any places that you didn't trim quite on the line. 

But for this, we just wanted to accentuate the edge of the cardstock a little more.

Get my bark?

That's why it's so cool to be a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.  It's the connections.  Everyone knows something so together they all know everything!  What a team!

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