I was opening all my birthday mail on Friday & suffered a severe paper cut.  OUCH! That's alright!  I'll survive!  But I'm leaving the mail stuff to Ann for awhile.  Actually, I'm also supervising stamp room clean up & carpet cleaning while I'm laid up.

This one's from Jackie in Florida.  Her's had the funniest little saying in it! 


It said

Special Edition – Hand Stamped Art

This is an individually crafted WORK OF ART. 
Any smudges, splotches, or other irregularities
Are intentional and do not diminish the quality
Of this piece in any way.

Now don't go copying that or I won't be able to share any other secrets. 

Thank you Jackie & everyone for your birthday wishes.  As you know, turning 5 can be a traumatic experience.  There's some cool stuff added to the Clearance Rack here & a special for new demonstrators joining our team in September.  YIKES!  You could join on my birthday, September 2nd, & get a free $40 craft tote! 

I'll take a picture of Ann's tomorrow when she's not looking.

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