BigShot-OLDIkeaBox Now that Ann's our Stampin' Up! order is here, we decided to get to getting things IN order.

We used to keep the Big Shot Sizzlets & Embosslets in this little IKEA container.  (They sell them in the Children's Toys section near the restaurant.)  It's a little small for an index card box.

It was okay, but I had to have Ann thumb through all of them to find what I wanted.

So we got the Stampin' Up! Big Shot Small Die Box #122219!  And here are 3 reasons why I think that this is something YOU'LL want for YOUR Big Shot Dies!

  1. BigShotBox-In The dies are organized any way you want!  We put the Sizzlets on the left & the Embosslets on the right.  They're all alphabetized so that they'll be easy to find.
  2. They're portable!  Just grab them & go!  Ann took them to Sacramento last night so she could show some of her favorite stampers.  Don't forget to take your Big Shot when you're traveling too!
  3. BigShotBox They're stylish in Chocolate Chip linen & match the other Big Shot Die Boxes so they'll look good in your stamp room or storage area.

Here's an unofficial 4th idea – Doodles is getting her boxes delivered in her order today.  If we ever get married, ALL our boxes will match!  🙂

Should I get you some too?  Get yours here!

We'll be back with a card idea tomorrow.

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