Slept in a bit this morning.  I've gotten into a little trouble the past couple days.  One I won't tell you, but the other involved a pen that I tried out.  Years ago I tried out a pen not long after Ann got beige carpet.  Because Ann caught me in the act, she was able to erase my artwork with Stampin' Up!'s Stampin' Mist & a lot of blotting.  THAT was roller ball ink.

This time she found my art a few hours later.  I had done it with a Bic type pen.  Stampin' Mist helped, but it wasn't until she blotted with alcohol on her paper towel, that it pretty much is gone.  She'll be cleaning the bedroom carpet with the rug shampooer I bought her before Christmas.

Here's a card I designed for Ann for her favorite granddaughter for her birthday Monday.  We made it using the gift card instructions shown in this video & the Define Your Life stamp set #114950 & Kaleidascope DSP #115680.  That's the Mistletoe Ribbon #116792 that's going away in a few days.  There are two ribbons featured in that duo.  This one looks like it matches the paper in real life, but the camera tells a different story….probably because I'm not in the picture.

It also previews the Polka Dot Embossing folder & new border punch that will be released next week.  Call or email Ann today if you've got Santa Money set aside for a Big Shot.  She's got a special that she's not publishing here.


So for all you who got puppies this Christmas, remember that we are not a toy.  We're going to do things from time to time where you're just going to have to remember how much you love us overall.  I do suggest that you take your puppy to some obedience training….especially if you got a Jack Russell Terrier like me.  Why?  Because puppies grow into the dogs that they're owners train them to be.  And sometimes what you THINK that you're teaching us doesn't quite translate in dog language.

And Happy Boxing Day to our friends in England, Canada & Australia.  LOVE IT!  But I probably should have shown you a box project, eh?

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