Decorating with Stampin' Up! Decor ElementsI have been working like a dog to get you some new pictures up here!  We've even decorated my laptop with Stampin' Up! Decor Elements so that you can see how much Ann & Cecil love me.  Well, I know that ANN is infatuated with me & that Cecil LIKES me.  Ann wanted to put these on her car, but I felt I deserve to have my laptop decorated.They're so reasonably priced at $3.95 each that she can buy more….& so can you!  These are the ones she used:
  • Father  #117556
  • Mother  #117557
  • Dog  #117564

The Mom & Dad are 4-1/2" to 4-3/4" tall.  The dog is just over 2" tall.  They also come in these shapes: 

Big Brother (#117559), Little Brother  (#117560), Big Sister  (#117561), Little Sister  (#117562), Baby  (#117563) & ……………I don't know if I can bring myself to type this last one…..Cat  (#117565).You can SHOP HERE & get specific sizes.  I have to save my puppy toes for more organizing around here. Check back tomorrow for some tips on how I helped Ann organize her stamp room.  (Believe me!  It's an ongoing challenge.)Where's Ann?

Ann got the laptop idea from one of the stampers in this picture when she went to St. George for the Founder's Circle Retreat with 119 other top demonstrators.  She SAID that she was working.  Looks like a Pajama Party to me!

Click on the picture to find Ann & her friend Connie.  To make it easy, I put a white circle around them.

Yeah.  They were working!  Right!

Chow Baby!