Ann left here full of excitement.  She came back a totally changed person…like what you see here.

She said that she got about 4 hours sleep a night at the Stampin' Up! Founder's Circle Retreat in St. George, Utah.

Then she went to the Stampin' Up! Advisory Board Retreat in Salt Lake City, Utah for a few days & got about 4 hours sleep a night…kind of.

She wasn't up all night worrying.  She was just trying to pack in all the fun she could get!

Okay….she worked a bit too.  That Advisory Board stuff is not for the faint of heart, but she LOVED IT!


And she loved her new friends too. They really had a whirlwind romance.  They worked together, played together, laughed together & had dinner at Stampin' Up! Co-Founder & CEO Shelli Gardner's home together.  It was a no dogs night, but she told me all about it.

They shared personal gifts that reflected themselves.  Shelli gave them special books, a Halloween ornament, candy, lotion, a very HUGE Caramel Chocolate Apple that Ann consumed even before going to the airport & a really cool book that MUST be meant for me as it has a crown on it.

It was a really special night for just the girls.  Sterling Gardner cooked dinner just like it happens at our house.  No!  Sterling doesn't cook here, but Cecil likes to!  Ann cooked the first 15 years.  Then came the Food Network!  That's when Cecil found out that HE likes to cook!

Ann still cooks for holidays, but Cecil's a mean barbecue chef.  Watch out, Bobby Flay!

Ann DID mention wanting 2 recipes for potatoes & beans from Shelli & Sterling.

This picture is of this year's Advisory Board.  Across the front is Jan, Kimberly, Shelli, Robin & Martha.  Across the back is Tara, Kim, Ann & Christy from Canada. It was taken at the bottom floor of the Joseph Smith Building in Salt Lake City, Utah after their dinner with the Corporate Team at The Roof Restaurant.  I'll be sharing a few pictures along with cards in the coming days.  We've got an awesome one to share tomorrow!

I promise that I'll post earlier with a card tomorrow.  It's been hecka busy around here taking care of all you cool customers today.  We're catching up!

Chow Baby!