For the next couple days, I’m planning a treat for all you quilters out there!


When at convention, Ann & my friend Bobbie went to a Stampin’ Up! party just for demonstrators.  It was put on by 3 very experienced stamper who were the first demonstrators that Stampin’ Up! had.  These stampers are so cool that they used their Big Shots (& sewing machines) to make quilts!  See the tops of the palm trees?  The Top Note shapes?  The circle for the scarf?

Even though this is a pirate quilt, I figure they must’ve made this quilt for me.  Why?

  1. I’m a Big Shot.
  2. I’m cute & cuddly.
  3. It has the appropriately sized bone holding it up at the top.

So come back tomorrow to see what cool Big Shot quilt we have planned to share!

Chow Baby!