There’s more to sending our clients new Stampin’ Up! catalogs than just buying them or having Stampin’ Up! send them.

We could have Stampin’ Up! send them out. That’s the least expensive way, but we’ve only done it for the mini catalogs. Why? Because we like to include new IN Color samples with the annual catalog and our new Wish List.

So, first Ann had to design the bookmarks and the Wish List, then she had to stamp the bookmarks and cut the cardstock.

Then, it’s time to get the labels together and make that post office run. (That last part is usualy done by my favorite huMAN.)

We’ve contacted all of our catalog VIPS, but we have room for more!

24-25 Stampin' Up! Catalog
24-25 Stampin’ Up! Catalog

What’s a Catalog VIP?

We would love to send everyone a new catalog, but it’s quite a financial and time investment. We’re sending them to those of you who have shopped with us recently.

If you haven’t shopped with us recently, there’s an easy way to fix that. Just push the button below and check out our online store. There’s a great Last Chance sale going on with the items that will not be returning to the new catalog that’s being released on May 1st.

This new catalog is so different than anything that Stampin’ Up! has ever released. And everyone just loves it! Sure, there are a few things to get used to, but it’s really nice to drool over and get inspired.

But I guarantee that the Apprentice did not drool over any of the catalog copies that we’re mailing. He has his own private copy to drool over…..just like you should have!

But I will tell you that we’re sending copies to our friends who have preordered their Sweet Treat packages first.

What’s a Sweet Treat?

That’s what we call our product shares. You can read all about them here and reserve one if you’d like.

Have questions? Just ask!

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