We’ve held off sharing, but now I feel like I can share our crazy Fathers Day card ideas.

Yep. They are a little crazy – ad that’s okay.

You see, Ann’s dad – whose name I’m using for my middle name – had a unique style. He would mix patterns, but not at all like the cards we’re going to share today. He used to say he was colorblind too.

Still, Ann thinks of him a lot on Father’s Day. Just like you probably think of yours.

Two Crazy Fathers Day Cards

First, Ann made this one. The crazy jacket over a normal T-shirt.

Crazy Fathers Day Card
Crazy Fathers Day Card

Do you think it’s too Liberace? We don’t know anyone who would wear that jacket with a T-shirt! Even if it was a birthday card!

I think it was inspired by her recent Stampin’ trip to Maui with my favorite huMAN. So she took that same idea and flipped it.

Crazy Fathers Day Card
Crazy Fathers Day Card

This is a crazy combo too, but I think my favorite huMAN will like this second version better.

Did you check out these 2020-2022 Square Gems we added? Two of the colors are perfect as they match what we stamped on the Tshirt: Misty Moonlight and Bumblebee.

Crazy Fathers Day Card
Crazy Fathers Day Card

Two different looks from pretty much the same supplies. Much of the supplies are new but that cool stamp set, Pretty Perennials, is going away at the end of this month.

You can save 10% now on the Handsomely Suited Bundle, but next month that bundle savings will be gone!

Card Making Supplies

Before we share our picture supply list of cardmaking supplies, here’s an idea of how we appreciate our online shoppers.

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