When we started our live stream, I didn’t think that Ann was going to end up with poinsettia sympathy card, but that’s what she did.

It was nice of you viewers to help her make a sympathy card since she needed a couple of them this week. As you probably know, sympathy cards aren’t always the easiest to make. And Ann gets a tear in her eye when the flag goes up.

Just barking here.

Poinsettia Sympathy Card
Poinsettia Sympathy Card

And it seems much harder losing someone just before Christmas.

You can watch the video below. It’s cued up where we start making the card. But there are a lot of ideas to see if you watch it from the beginning here on YouTube.

Usually, you wouldn’t put sparkly things on a sympathy card, but Ann insisted that she wanted something a bit more impressive.

Of course, it wouldn’t have to be a sympathy card. It would do well as a birthday card or even a Christmas card.

Poinsettia Sympathy Card
Poinsettia Sympathy Card

Poinsettias don’t always have to be red. I think that these white and vanilla ones are pretty fancy, don’t you?

And there’s still time to get it and make some fabulous Christmas and Winter cards – even if they’re not sympathy cards.

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