Do you remember the plaid leaf card that Ann started on Thursday’s live stream? She finished it and I grabbed a shot.

Now, after it was done, she had a few more ideas so I’m thinking we might find more ways to do this layout.

Plaid Leaf Card

If you prefer a more finished look, you could use the detail dies that go inside of the leaf. We were going casual so we used the Old World Leaves 3D Embossing Folder.

And who would’ve thought that Red Rhinestones would go well with Cherry Cobbler? (That was my idea.)

If you saw the live stream, you’d know that we had a little trouble with our Cherry Cobbler ink pad. Reds just don’t last as long as other colors and can “bloom” over time. If you notice a funny texture on your red ink pads, it’s time to replace them.

It’s not a Stampin’ Up! thing. It’s a physics thing with red pigments.

Plaid Leaf Card

Might be a good time to check your pads with red pigments while you can use your coupons.

If you’re not sure what to look for, one of the clues is that there’s a greenish or golden cast across the top of the pad.

Another clue is that it doesn’t stamp well even after reinking the stamp pad.

You can see how Ann started this card in the video below. We’ve cued it up to where she brings out the Cherry Cobbler ink pad and see how it goes. Or you can drag it back and watch the whole plaid leaf card being made.

So check your pads! No time like the present!

Plaid Leaf Card Making Supplies

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There’s nothing like a thank you card in your mailbox. We hope you like our plaid leaf card and send one soon.