We’re flying fast and loose today so you get to pick the DIY craft project for our DIY live stream.

You might think that we’re being silly, but we’re not.

We were thinking that we could make a nice little Ghiradelli candy holder, but then Ann saw a video on how to make a no sew mask.

And she couldn’t decide which DIY craft project to make.

She’s actually seen two no-sew mask projects, but we don’t have the supplies yet for one of them. But we do have the supplies for the second DIY no-sew mask project.

We’re willing to sacrifice our supplies in order to try it along with you if that’s what you want.

pick the craft project

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Now, we do have over 350 3-D projects here to inspire you if you really need an Easter candy project. But I have a feeling that, if people pick the mask today, she’ll make the candy holder tomorrow.

HINT: You’ll need some of that square flat chocolate candy that starts with G – but don’t tell her I told you.

As far as the DIY No-Sew Mask, let’s just wait and see. It’s something I’m sure you have, but you may want to go purchase something especially for this.

We hope that you’re safe and healthy and we hope that we see you at 1pm Pawcific time.

It will be fun. In fact, it will be real fun.

I mean, what else do you have to do today? This could be considered educational – or not.

Now, if you’re considered essential, then hats off to you, my friend, and thank you for all you’re doing to help us get through this.

But if you’re not, just know that you’re essential to us.

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We hope you can join us for your pick of a live online DIY craft project today.