We’re posting a little late today because my typist had a little minor surgery this morning.

Now, don’t worry! She’s fine. The doctor is happy, but she shouldn’t be buying any cars or houses today. I don’t think she’s driving either.

My favorite huMAN will take good care of her and I’m great for inciting a nap.

But what is important today is that we make the best card we can. One of our clients lost her mom and had another couple things all pop up at the same time.

She deserves a top notch card. While this card is actually the inspiration card for our next Master Stamper project, I think it is top notch.

And we like it!

We hope you do too.

Sympathy Card Idea

Sympathy Card Idea

We had some of the old Basic Pearls we used to have with the strip and colored them with a Dark Petal Pink Stampin’ Blend.

If you don’t have any of the old style, you can get the current style of Basic Pearls and line them up. You might even be straighter than we were!

Sympathy Card Idea

We even stamped on the inside. We often do, but we don’t always show you. It’s important this time because the greeting is not part of the Good Morning Magnolia set.

Sympathy Card Idea

I can’t wait for Ann to take the bandage off her hand so we can do the Master Stamper weekly video.

If this is the inspiration piece, who knows what we’ll do for the Master Stamper project!?! You know it has to be good!

Did You Know?

Master Stamper is there to save you time and inspire you with exclusive projects.

We have a design team that covers the United States, Europe and Australia/New Zealand. Each week, Ann, Pip Todman from the United Kingdom or Linda Dalke from Australia share a project by video They also provide written instructions.

We have over 250 projects at this point and add more weekly.

If you’re wanting to save time, you can just use the site that includes all the projects, videos and instructions.

If you’d like to participate in the community and share some of your own art work or just admire what’s shared by others, you can join our exclusive Master Stamper Facebook group at no additional charge.

And every now and then, we offer a special to our Master Stamper members that we

You can try it here! See if you like it. Stay as long or as short as you like.

We’d love to have you!

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