Did you get to see last week when Ann and I shared a couple ideas on Facebook and You Tube on how to use Brusho?

We shared once on You Tube and Facebook, but we came back 3 hours later and shared a bit more with our Facebook fans.

So what’s Brusho?

It’s an intense crystal color that you can work with.  It’s featured on page 26 of the Stampin’ Up! Occasions Seasonal Catalog that is starting tomorrow afternoon.

So let me share an additional way to use Brusho!  I must show you today because you won’t be able to get this Year of Cheer Specialty Designer Series Paper after today.

And it’s already made to use for this Brusho Resist Background Technique.

How to Make a Brusho Resist Background

So, first of all, we used Frog Painters Tape to attach it to a heavy piece of cardboard.  (Just click on any of the pictures to get a closer look.)
Once we did that, we used an Aqua Painter to wet the paper surface.

How to make a Brusho Resist Background

Then we sprinkled the blue and red Brusho on the wet paper.  (I think we should’ve used more red like we did on the smaller piece we used on the end project we’re sharing today.)

How to make a Brusho Resist Background

You should give it time to spread, but instead, we added a bit more water with the Aqua Painter and spread around the color.  It looks almost black here, but not in real life.  Blue and Red make purple and that’s what this makes, only with a bit more red here and a bit more blue there.

Very unique

How to make a Brusho Resist Background

We let it go for a little while and then used the low setting of the heat tool to speed up the drying process.

How to make a Brusho Resist Background

I heartily bark that you should look at the picture above closer.  Every one will be different.

So this is what we did with a different piece.

Brusho Card

This would make a great winter baby or wedding card.  Maybe even a thank you card., but next time, I think I would have Ann emboss the greeting in gold or silver.

There are so many of you who are in the cold right now that this card could be for anything!

We didn’t even have to rub to get the color off the snowflakes.

How to make a Brusho Resist Background
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What a great handmade card idea!