Do you like humorous handmade cards?  Do you like something that will give a belly laugh?  I do you want to inspire a little chuckle?

Today’s card might bring about a little chuckle, but it was purely unintended.

We thought about the splatter, but we were totally thinking about the color when I told Ann which ones to use.

Oh, the stories we could inspire behind this card!

Blood Stained Greeting Card

Yes, we like black and white with a little splash of Real Red.  Or in this case, Very Vanilla and Basic Black.

But we weren’t thinking that Real Red splatters might indicate blood!

And don’t we all have that one friend that would help us get in or out of trouble?

Blood Stained Greeting Card

But wouldn’t this be the perfect card to send in certain circumstances?

  • Like if your friend had talked you out of being really upset with your significant other?
  • Perhaps you believe that they saved you from a jail sentence.
  • Or maybe they saved you from getting your name in the paper.

Card Making Supplies

Well, if you ever need to send “that kind of card”, here’s what we used to make it.

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